Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crafting - The new way

Crafting has recently taken an incredible shift to allow you to "take" the benefits from one item and put them onto another. That's what they say anyway.
The truth?

When you deconstruct an item, you receive an element. Mind, evil, divine, fire or others. It may also give you a vial of red liquid that can be used to add bonuses to items later.

Next, after you have accumulated enough of these elements or essences, you then take them to the next altar to create a crystal. This crystal is then used to combine with the item of your choice to create the new magic item. WARNING!!! This is NOT a one to one trade.

This is a new skill set that you will have to learn, and each level adjusts the percent chance to succeed in creating the crystals.
Also, extracting the essences destroys the original item. Making an item craftable as well destroys all current enchantments.

So when reading the advertisement, just know that yes, you can create great low level items. BUT, this is a skill and you will eat through alot of money, time and items trying to level it up to a point that it is really useful.

Since there is a mailbox in the crafting area, if you are to attempt this, it is advisable to create a mule that will deconstruct items, create the crystals and send them to the final toon. The final crafting onto the item is always 100% success at this time.

The craftable items, deconstructed by you, can have both a prefix enchantment and suffix enchantment. Find a great conversation on it at . This will give you a way to find two enchantments that you can work for.

I hope this explains some of the fine print before you get started. Good Luck!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

DDO - Battle the Red Dragon!

If your a low level player (10 or under), then you've dreamed about the screenshot of the red dragon quest series that has been flashed as a loading screen.
Knowing this, I have wondered about this myself.
This Red Dragon is the end of the Vault of Night series of quests. The Red Dragon's name is Velah.
To start the series, you must visit the House of Kundarak and find Barrow d'Kundarak to start the series.
  • (VON1) Tharashk Arena
  • (VON2) Prison of the Mind - (Special Note: you will need a rogue for traps in the maze, at least two good tanks, preferrably two good healers with resurrect and a ranged person with high dps)
  • (VON3) The Jungle of Khyber 
    • Gateway to Khyber
    • The Jungle of Khyber
  • (VON4) Haywire Foundry
  • (VON5) Vault of Night
  • (VON6) Plane of Night
VON5 and 6 are raids that once you reach, you can repeat them as often as you like (with raid limitations). The Red Dragon Velah is in VON6.

I hope this clears a few things up and good luck with it! Is it worth it? The raid rewards definitely are.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let's do to the Dilettante's ball!

Half-elves are a special race, or half-race.
In this article, we will go over their Dilettantes. A dilettante is a special feat that allows a class bonus to the Half-Elf that would normally be unavailable. This is NOT the same as dual classing as you do not get all the same perks, skills, powers and other benefits that you normally would. On the other side, this does not restrict your levelling either.

Here you will find a list of Half-Elf Dilettantes and what they do and what they require. I can tell you from experience that a Half-Elf Wizard with the Ranger Dilettante gives a secondary ranged ability that was previously unavailable.

The Dilettantes are extra and not instead of. So don't worry about having to take up a feat in order to get a Dilettante.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's gotta be clean!!

Cleansing the Taint of Shavarath is a big deal for Green Steel items. As we've said before, the uber-items begin after level 10. When you create an accessory Green Steel item, it automatically has a Taint of Shavarath. This is bad as it means you can only equip one accessory at a time.

Never fear though, it can be cleaned. You must get an Essence of Cleansing. This ONLY appears on your 20th time through the Shroud. The Shroud is a level 17 raid (yes I said RAID) that is designed to open the way to the last 10 levels of the game. In order to get 1 (ONE) Essence of Cleansing, you must run the Shroud raid 20 times. On your 21st time through, on Part 5, you put in your Green Steel accessory, High Energy Cell, and Essence of Cleansing into the alter to remove the Taint of Shavarath.

If you think this is a pain, remember that this item can have a lot of spells and bonuses added to it and will make you AWESOME!

Now for the catch, accessories are defined as Belts, Boots, Bracers, Goggles, Helm, Necklace, Weave Cloak and Weave Gloves.
That's 9 items each needing to be cleansed.
Do the math... that's a lot of grinding.

So buck up, figure out what you want as many bonuses don't stack (this goes mainly toward skill bonuses and spell point bonuses) and get ready for the long haul. It's about to get hairy...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Skill Points... Why do I need skills?

Skills, in the game, are as powerful as a good weapon or spell. Rogues are wildly famous for their skills as they are the only ones able to effectively find and remove deadly traps.
For most other classes, skills are merely a side note that enhances the toon in some small way.

For instance, the jumping skill affects not only how far you can jump, but also how easy it is to control your jump. Balance affects your "balance" on grease and when teetering on the edge of a ledge or just catching the ledge as you get near it.
Swim affects how fast you can swim and slightly affects how long you can hold your breath. Strength and how much weight you have on you greatly affects your time to hold your breath.

Concentration for spellcasters isn't needed if you have a good group that can keep mobs off of you. Instead of concentration, invest in Diplomacy that convinces the mob to stop hitting you and go somewhere else! After all, why take damage if you have a good warrior nearby who will take it for you?

UMD - Use Magic Device... This is a tricky one as it usually pertains to rogues and halflings. Anyone who has point invested here can use weapons or wands or scrolls that normally would not be allowed for them to use. For instance, a wizard could use a Wand of Cure Light Wounds. A cleric could use a Wand of Web or Fireball that would normally be disallowed to them.

There are many skills that for most classes are secondary to their powers or melee abilities, but for the rogues, skills are what make them valuable as a scout, lock picker and trap finder/disabler. They can see further, see hidden or invisible mobs, unlock locked chests and doors and spot hidden doors as well as sense, find and disable traps. A high intelligence is essential for a rogue to exist well within the game. Assassin rogues, though useful, are not as sought out in the game as a rogue that can find and disable ANY trap. They are as coveted as a cleric and as vulnerable to attack.

I hope this helps when deciding on a few skills. Let me know if you have any questions!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Extra Experience

We all know we can buy Elixers from the DDO store in the game. This is awesome but only lasts a few short hours. If you want a more permanent solution, try these two things out:

  • Mantle of the Worldshaper - Cloak: Heroic Inspiration (+5% addtional xp from quest completions), Regeneration, Scarab of Spell Absorption (5/5 Charges) (Ruins of Threnal end reward)
  • Voice of the Master - Trinket: +1 Good luck, Heroic Inspiration (+5% addtional xp from quest completions) (Delera's Tomb end reward)
Unfortunately they don't stack together so even with both, you only get +5% experience from completed quests.
Both are easily attainable with a group as an end quest series reward.

Go and get them!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm a what?!?!

There are roles in any good party. A great party knows what roles they will be needing before going into a dungeon or raid. The following are some common roles seen in parties...

The TANK: this is the primary damager in the party. Their job is to gather as many mobs on them as possible and to swing away until everything stops moving.

The Healer: this is the TANK support person. Their job is to make sure the TANK remains alive through buffs and heals.

The Buffer: this sounds retarded but there needs to be one in every group. Usually the HEALER is also the BUFFER, but this isn't always the case. The Bard has awesome spells like stoneskin that GREATLY increases the survivability of any group.

Missile Expert: The TANK has a lot to do, so the next single greatest damager is the ranged person. This can be a Wizard, Sorcerer or Ranger.... and even a bad Cleric or Favored Soul.  The Missile Expert isn't necessary, but comes in handy as they can hit or stop approaching mobs, distant objects and even assist the TANK in damage dealing from afar. They are great with dealing with mobs before lowering a bridge or mobs unreachable by any other means.

Trap Master: Rogues... They are a necessity. I've seen TANKS get dead in one swipe of a giant rotating blade or a room of fire traps. Without Trap Masters, groups come to a screeching halt in various dungeons. Get one or be prepared to die alot.

So there are 5 primary roles and 6 spots in a group, what do you double up on? I suggest a secondary TANK that can help keep the mobs at bay.

You should know your role going into a party. A party with one healer and 5 tanks will die VERY fast as a healer cannot keep up with 5 tanks for long. Keeping an eye on the party build will limit the number of deaths within the group and can make a tough dungeon very easy.

Now when you enter a dungeon, working together as a team is best. I've seen yahoos run in and just start to quickly clear a dungeon and then get ticked when they die cause no one followed THEM. Listen to your group, see if someone steps up as a natural leader. Stay near your Buffer and Healer and watch/ listen for timers until the need to rebuff comes up and your staying power will increase 10 fold. Remember that Healers and Buffers do not have fast running or extraordinary swimming. They can't keep up, so watch out for them. Once they die, you are not far behind them.

I hope this helps you in understanding party roles and how a party should work! Be cool and see you in the game!